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User flows don't have
to be dull power point
Understanding a process
can be made fun when
visuals do the talking.
The main challenge to this
project was creating an
instructional video that
could be understood in any
language and culture.
At its heart, FAF was a
simple and effective
search engine but it reached
the stage where it needed to
evolve into a richer and
interactive experience.
Created as a brand awareness
campaign, The Pet Professors
were able to reach and engage
a new audience through a series
of viral videos and social media
including Facebook and Twitter.
I'm in the process of
developing games for
mobile and tablet devices
in what is a rapidly
expanding sector showing
no signs of slowing down.


As a digital freelancer with an agency background, I’ve had the pleasure of working as a part of a creative team as well as forging my own direct relationship with clients.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have a project I can help you with.