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Answering all your pet related problems

Agency: Blue Barracuda
Client: Hills Pet Nutrition
Role: Art Direction / animation / design / storyboards

Is your cat piling on the pounds? Does your dog like the taste of his own poo? Whatever your pet problem the Pet Professors are here to help!

Created as a brand awareness campaign, The Pet Professors we were able to reach new audiences through a series of viral videos and engage through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Viewers are invited to after Professors G.Rowl and P.Urr any dog or cat related question and they will do their best to answer it… without getting side tracked too much. G.Rowl is wise old pooch, professional yet nervous in his approach. P.Urr on the other hand an over the top emotional drama queen keen on self promotion. Although there is an obvious friction between the two there aslo lies a deeper friendship showing cats and dogs really can get along together… sometimes….

Storyboard Selection:


Can Dog Do Yoga? Page 1

Can Dog Do Yoga? Page 2

Visual Style – Cartoon Realism

As a premium product a premium look was required for the video. CGI felt a natural way to go however (costly production aside) computer rendered characters reign supreme in animated features these day, plus they lack the certain charm of a ‘homemade’ viral creation.

By using range of photographic cut-outs I developed a hyperrealistic look for the characters and the backgrounds which could be animated in a simple fashion, something I’m gonna call ‘Evolved South Park’. Part of the charm of the animated TV series South Park is the ‘amateur’ animation. The flapping mouths and jerky movements not only look comical, but they allow for quicker animation and therefore result in cheaper production costs.

Our Profs needed to feel a bit more professional though, so the animation was created in After Effects. Visual effects such as ‘liquify’ helped mold the characters facial features to provide a greater range of expressions while camera movement and lightning created an environment with more depth.

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Can Dogs Do Yogo?

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