Find Any Film Site Redesign

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Find Any Film

Find Any Film

Client: BFI
Role: Art Direction / Design

From cinema viewings to shop retailers to online downloads, Find Any Film does what it says on the tin – finds any film in any format.
At it’s heart, FAF was a search engine. It was simple and effective but reached a stage where it needed to evolve into something bigger.
By introducing a social media element together with a more content driven homepage and informative film pages, FAF users could enjoy a richer experience and the site receives greater on-site retention.

Below are some key page from the site
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:homeHomepage: Brings the audience latest news, popular content, and a community feel via a twitter feed.
FilmFilm page:
Additional media content in the form of image and video galleries makes for a richer viewing experience while social links encourage participation and sharing.


Promotions:A templated series of promotional pages such as competition and ‘Top 10’ lists also for quick, easy and cost effective html updates