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A very small man can cast a very large shadow


Quick little caricature I knocked up of Tyrion Lannister.


I’d love to visit New York and ride around (or sit in heavy traffic) in a New York cab.

Promotional Leaflet

Promotional brand piece for an insurance broker corporation, providing information and highlighting services for existing and prospective clients

Back Barack

President Barack Obama accepted the Democrats’ nomination for a second term in office.

The name’s Bond, James Bond

Not long till Skyfall. Here’s my own little drawing of Daniel Craig’s 007.



Steampunk-style lass.
Vector line work follow with textured fills.

Click image for full size.

Monday Knights

‘Monday Knights’, cos we play on Monday Nights, is our guild’s name (that’s right, I’m a MMORPG fan so stop laughing ;P).
The guild’s website was in need of a refresh so I customised the Enjin theme settings and created this little chap. There are some guild’s take themselves WAY too serious – they need to lighten up, it’s just a game! We have a more casual/fun approach to game playing which is reflected in cartoony artwork.

So if you like to kill things (and get killed) while drinking a beer on a Monday night come sign-up with us!

British Branding

Nelson's ColumnWhat with the Jubilee and Olympics there’s been a real feeling of national pride uniting Britain.

With the world’s attention about to focus on the games in London, I was inspired to create some artwork. Combining vector lines and textures I’ve been creating London landmark themed images with a traditional approach for commercial appeal.

P-P-P-Pick Up A Penguin

Here’s a sneak peek of a mobile game I’m currently developing with Gvoid.

The premise is quiet simple, in a similar vein to Hungry Hunry Hippos, the player must reach out with their polar bear arm and claw as many penguins back into their possession.

When the time is up the player with the most penguins and/or bonus items is crowned the victor.

I had a spurt of creativity over the weekend and knocked up this quirky design as a Threadless t-shirt design entry.

Like it? Why not vote for it! I get a lovely $2000 if I get printed so the drinks are on me if you help me win!

Go vote!

Kitty’s Got Claws

Sneak peek at a game concept I’m working on.

Still working out the game mechanics and debating whether to submit it for some funding when Kick Starter hits the UK this Autumn.


Control games on your browser with an iOS device

Space Pilot

The clever people at Webdigi are always pushing where we can go with web technology. ‘Space Pilot‘ (intro graphics by moi ;))  is an HTML5 game demo which demonstrates how a game in your browser can be controlled by a iOS device.

By scanning the QR code or typing the URL address into a iPhone/iPad, the iOS device will connect to a server that allows the user to control the director of the spaceship in the browser by tilting their iOS device.
For more technical detail of the ins and outs, Webdigi have a more indepth post in their Web Development Blog.